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Bowman Africa Equipment suppliers Pty Ltd is a distributor of Bonfiglioli truck mounted cranes, Bonfiglioli scrap processing recycling machines as well as Hidrokon truck mounted cranes and material handling equipment. Our philosophy towards material handling extends well beyond supplying the required equipment. We take an active involvement in increasing efficiencies and productivity , while at the same time working towards reducing the total cost of customers material handling needs. We work very closely with all our overseas manufactures to ensure that we are offering only the top quality equipment at the right price. Our network of “Service & fitment centres” is strategically located throughout Southern Africa to provide you with convenient and timeously customer service. We are the sole distributers for the following products:

- Bonfiglioli Scrap processing recycling machines
- Bonfiglioli Truck mounted cranes
- Hidrokon Truck mounted cranes

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ING BonFiglioli

Ing Bonfiglioli is a family owned company which was established in 1953. The company started with manufacturing the agricultural machines and equipment for breeding farms and wine yards in north of Italy. The family run business is in its third generation now.

In the mid 60’s, the company expanded the business from agricultural machines to the production of truck mounted cranes. This was a real success and Ing. Bonfiglioli’s name became a synonym for the truck mounted cranes in Italy. These cranes are still in production and are very popular in related sector.

Today, the company is well known in 5 continents as manufactured in a wide range of models which offer the best price and quality ratio available in the market today. Basically, Ing Bonfiglioli machines don’t require any particular installation on the site. High performance machines are designed without excessive engineering and complicated electronics. We have simple “ computer less hydraulics” using best quality components of world renowned brands.

In the 80’s, Ing Bonfiglioli switched over to manufacturing of mobile equipment for recycling and processing of the metal scrap. With meaningful experience acquired with high resistance steel, typically used in load lifting equipment and frequent management of their transportation lead the company’s attention to dedicate in the production of metal scrap processing equipment.

BLACK BONFIGLIOLI CRANE white BONFIGLIOLI CRANE Crane grab in various colours

Bonfiglioli Cranes

The Ing Bonfiglioli SpA started its crane production in 1968, just before commencing the great industrialization, period which falls down between the seventies and eighties. At the very beginning Bonfiglioli were manufactured only a few models of cranes. But due to their good performance, stability and very competitive prices the company was induced to widespread their production line.

The L , XL and G series were born and now Ing Bonfiglioli have a range of cranes which have a lifting capacity from 2.3 to 150 ton meter. The cranes manufactured by Ing Bonfiglioli company are mainly produced to be mounted on trucks, but special applications have been done and also supplied to some navies in the world. Bonfiglioli range of cranes is easy to operate and extremely low on maintenance with a worldwide recognition of the good lifting capability’s

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Bowman Africa has the right product for you

Scrap recycling machines

We have the right scrap machine to boost your productivity.

Drake 2000 Hammermill Shredding System

  • Technical Specifications
  • Compact, Semi-mobile, Unique design
  • Available models: M-10, M-12, M-16.
  • Hardox 500 steel body
  • 600-960HP* Cylinder Cummins Diesel Engine or Electrical Equipment
  • Processes: Ferrous scrap metal, railway beam, I-beam, automobiles, White goods, Pallets, Bins, (M-16 can handle an entire car with engine).
  • Hammer rotor
  • Large surge hopper
  • (4) Axles
  • Approximate production: 14-32 tons/hour*
  • Rotor contains 10-16 hammers*
  • (2) Vibrating Conveyors
  • (2) Permanent sorting magnets
  • (3) Conveyors
  • Eddy current separator. (Optional)
  • Aspiration Plant -5 Outlets. (Optional)
  • Hydraulic Plant with 250 Bar working pressure
  • PLC Controls
  • Includes startup and training
  • * Specifications are approximate and depend on model.

Model 2000/480 Bonfiglioli Portable Baler

  • Technical Specifications
  • Includes cranes with hydraulic grapple, operator's cabin, radio control, can be stationary or mobile.
  • Hardox 500 steel body.
  • 120HP, 6 Cylinder diesel engine.
  • Processes: Ferrous scrap metal, white goods, automobiles.
  • Similar to Aljon 400-580 and sierra 4200-5000 models.
  • Approximate outside dimensions: 20ft x 8ft x 8ft.
  • Approximate bale size: 33in x 25in.
  • Approximate 455 ib/in Platen Pressure
  • Approximate 10-12 Tons/hour compacting capacity.
  • Approximate crane capacity: 6 600lbd.
  • Approximate crane outreach: 20ft, (At Maximum outreach, crane approximate capacity is 2860lbs).
  • Can be mounted on truck, semi-trailer, ground and truck with roll on/roll off device.
  • Includes start up and training.


Bonfiglioli Squalo Mobile Scrap Shear

  • Technical Specifications
  • Compact, Heavy duty, mobile
  • Available models: 1000T, 1300T, 1500T and 2000T
  • Hardox 500 steel body and components
  • 140hp John deer diesel air cooled 6 cylinder engine for 1000T and 240HP for vertical models (1300T - 2000T)
  • Roll on/ Roll off system for model 1000T
  • Goose neck trucking system for vertical models (1300T-2000T).
  • Processes: Light and bulky ferrous scrap metal, railway beam, I-beam, approximately 4in Stainless steel shafts, Automobiles, white goods, pallets, bins
  • (Approximate production: 7-25 Tons/hours*
  • Approximate internal box width: 6.5ft - 7.5ft.
  • Extendable Jib allows for approximately 49ft long pieces of scrap.
  • Star delta Pc board for start-up. (For Electrical Motors Only)
  • Automatic or manual cycling available
  • Includes start up and training

  • * Specifications are approximate and depend on model.

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Bonfiglioli P42000 SL 4si rigging crane

Lifting specs:
18050 Kg @ 2.22 m
11150 Kg @ 3.62 m
7800 Kg @ 5.10 m
5800 Kg @ 6.75 m
4600 Kg @ 8.40 m.

On Sale

Bonfiglioli P70000 G4si rigging crane

Lifting specs:
15500 Kg @ 4.30 m
11800 Kg @ 5.70 m
9480 Kg @ 7.10 m
7830 Kg @ 8.60 m
6550 Kg @ 10.10 m

On Sale

Bonfiglioli P7200L2 crane

Lifting specs:
2860 Kg @ 2.50 m
2380 Kg @ 3.00 m
1980 Kg @ 3.60 m
1270 Kg @ 5.30 m
920 Kg @ 7.00 m

On Sale

Bonfiglioli P4000 L2 crane

Lifting specs:
990 Kg @ 3.20 m
700 Kg @ 4.70 m
520 Kg @ 6.20 m

On Sale

Bonfiglioli P15000 L2 crane

Lifting specs:
5700 Kg @ 2.50 m
4250 Kg @ 3.35 m
3700 Kg @ 3.85 m
2400 Kg @ 5.75 m
1760 Kg @ 7.65 m

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